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So no further explanation needed...


This message was posted at the cigarette counter of a mini-mart inside a gas station.

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いつものように UCDのレストランというか食堂にいくと、なんか 変わった格好をした人々がいる。と思ったらあれよあれよと写真のような ガウンを着た人々とそれをカメラで写す人そこら辺一帯を占拠する 事態に。たしかにこの少し前に春学期が終わり、10月から新年度が 始まるので、卒業シーズンという訳だ。「今週卒業式があるとは 知らなかった」と同室のポスドク Seanにいうと、卒業式は学部単位で やるから「あ、またやってる」と何回か見かけることになる、という。 なるほど、大学全体でやるわけではないので構内が一斉に卒業式ムード という訳じゃなかった、ということか。

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apt0.jpg apt1.jpg apt2.jpg

Finally, my place to live in Dublin area has been set and I'm settled down there. In fact, I had moved into another place earlier but soon I found several problems with it. This new place is also not a perfect one (as there is no paradise on this earth ?), but I hope I can manage with this apartment and won't have to move again.

This apartment is studio (or 'one room' in Japanese-English). It is a big single room divided into sections, such as bedroom, kitchen, by furnitures. It is not large but tidy and has decent amenities. Especially, broadband internet connection (although it is an order of magnitude slower than that of Japan) is already installed. That's one of the most important features which made me to make the decision to move here...

It is not in the city of Dublin proper (but still in Conty Dublin, though), but in a small city south of Dublin, less noisy and crowded than Dublin (I hope).

Not comparable to Dublin, but there are still some shops and they are walking distance from the apartment. The beach is also close from the apartment.

To commute to UCD, it takes a train and a bus ride, but both of them run frequently during day time and till as late as almost midnight. The train station is just a 5min. walk from the apartment.

The weather in Dublin area changed drastically last weekend and I caught flu. Now I'm recovering from it. So I should be able to concentrate on the work....

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Dublin Bay


We can see the Dublin Bay from the Engineering Building of the UCD. Unfortuntately, my office is not facing the bay. Short term letting is hard to find, and also, since now it is in the middle of the tourist season, very-short-term accomodations (i.e. hotels, guest houses, etc) are also scarce. That's causing me another headache...

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International Driving Permit


Finally, I've obtained International Driving Permit (IDP). There are many questions that arise on the way IDP is issued in Japan.
For example:

  • The Japanese word that is normally used for Permit is "Kyokasho" but "Menkyosho" is used instead which is usually used for meaning License.
  • In other countries, such as US, UK, Canada, IDP is issued by their automobile associations (AAA in the US, AA in the UK, CAA in Canada, or AAS in Singapore). However, we have to go to the driving test center to apply for it (you can apply for it at your local police office but they just send your application to some "special" organization handling IDP which is located inside the driving test center.
  • Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) is equivalent to AAA or AA and they should represent Japanese drivers' opnion. However, they don't seem to have any objection about the issuance of IDP.
Anyway, I can drive abroad now with this document... (don't know whether I'll really drive or not. I got this just in case I need to do so).
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lc1.jpg lc4.jpg

I bought a bottle of limoncello, a lemon liqueur, in a liquor shop in Ischia. I didn't think of buying anything in the shop, but just wanted to know how much it would cost. But he gave me a glass of limonchello for tasting and I'm not a strong man who can leave the shop withut buying anythigs :-( Limonchello seems to be a product of Capri and Sorrento, but it is also produced and served in restaurants in Ischia.


It should be served well chilled, below freezing temparature, but actually it doesn't freeze as it contains around 30% of alcohol. In Ischia, the glass was also chilled as shown in the picture above. We brought it to an Izakaya and enjoyed after the meal.

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I bought two bags of candies at the Guiness store in Dublin Airport. I thought they were identical, but actually one was toffee and the other was fudge. I sent email to 'young guys' if they wanted these sweets and now all candies are gone..

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3月9日 情報処理学会 全国大会にて 菊池くんと 多分10年以上ぶりに再会。
アカウントが昔のままの kiknなので、思わずニヤっとしてしまう。

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